10 Stories of Community Resilience for Equitable Food Accessibility

10 Stories of Community Resilience for Equitable Food Accessibility

November 24, 2021

This story book is a result of the subnational program on “Localizing participatory planning and budgeting and piloting community initiatives to enhance food security, food safety, and nutritious consumption among vulnerable groups in Yala, Narathiwat, and Pattani” conducted by United Nations Development Programme in Thailand and Public Policy Institute, Prince of Songkla University with support from the Government of Japan and the Swiss Confederation.

The objectives of the program are to promote social cohesion and local resilience through enhanced state to citizen and inter-community relations, in the context of COVID-19 and to promote productive cross-community engagement and livelihoods in volatile and evolving context, contributing to greater food security in the southern border provinces.

10 stories are derived from local experience and lessons learned in piloting several community food security initiatives co-created and led by a collaboration between sub-district administrations, youths, school teachers, farmers, health officers, women entrepreneurs, religious leaders and other stakeholders in ten localities.

  1. Baan Nam Bo Sub-district, Panarae District, Pattani Province
  2. Pulohpuyo Sub-district, Nongjik District, Pattani Province
  3. Puyud Sub-district, Muang Pattani District, Pattani Province
  4. Yarang Sub-district, Yarang District, Pattani Province
  5. Lammai Municipality, Muang Yala District, Yala Province
  6. Baanrae Sub-district, Thanto District, Yala Province
  7. Bannangsata Sub-district, Bannangsata District, Yala Province
  8. Waeng Sub-district, Waeng District, Narathiwat Province
  9. Palukasamoh Sub-district, Bacho District, Narathiwat Province
  10. Ruso Municipality, Ruso District, Narathiwat Province