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Legal Framework

Special Fund Agreement

The assistance and cooperation provided by UNDP in Thailand is based on a Special Fund Agreement signed with the Royal Thai Government in 1960.


United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for Thailand

The United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework 2022-2026 (UNSDCF) articulates the UN development system’s support for Thailand’s strong commitment to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and its ambition to become a high-income, inclusive, sustainable, resilient and advanced nation.


Country Programme Document for Thailand 2022-2026

This document provides an overview of UNDP Thailand’s Country Programme for 2022-2026, based on three development outcomes under the UNSDCF:

Outcome 1: Thailand’s transformation into an inclusive economy based on green, resilient, low-carbon, sustainable development is accelerated.

  • Output 1.1: Gender-responsive and inclusive solutions in national and subnational climate actions and biodiversity conservation are strengthened for increased resilience

Outcome 2: Human capital for social and inclusive development is improved by strengthening institutions and partnerships and empowering people.

  • Output 2.1: Strengthened capacity of state and non-state actors to support Thailand’s digital transformation and innovation for improving access and delivery of quality services

Outcome 3: People living in Thailand, especially those at risk of being left furthest behind, are able to participate in and benefit from development, free from discrimination.

  • Output 3.1: State and non-state actors engage in social dialogues and adopt practices that foster human rights and equality for a just and inclusive society
  • Output 3.2: Vulnerable groups, particularly women, LGBTQI, youth, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities, are empowered to engage in decision- making bodies and processes at national and local levels

  • Output 3.3: Vulnerable groups have improved access to quality socioeconomic services and justice