Integrated SDG Insights Report - Thailand

Integrated SDG Insights Report - Thailand

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Integrated SDG Insights Report - Thailand

February 7, 2024

‘SDG Insights’ playbooks transcend development “as usual,” and leverages data innovation, AI and systems analysis to chart credible pathways that help countries meet the 2030 Agenda.

This report provides analysis and insights in preparation for the SDG Summit and the foundation for effective policy implementation in the second half of the 2030 agenda. The report featured 4 sections: 

SDG MomentThis section provides an overview of a country's economic growth trajectory, with new insights on sustainability and inclusiveness of growth pathways.

SDG Trends & PrioritiesThis section builds from the foundation of national SDG progress and uses machine learning to analyse national development ambition with an SDG lens.

SDG Interlinkages Combined, these insights are mapped against SDG interlinkages to define policy choices the accelerate SDG progress, tailored to national context.

‍Finance & StimulusThese policy choices are made against fiscal constraints and opportunities for stimulus mapped in this section to ensure choices translate to development impact and leave no one behind.

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