Youth Innovation Center in Shaartuz district can serve as a Platform for 50,000 Young People to Network and Exchange Experience

June 4, 2019

30 - May 2019 the opening ceremony of the youth innovation center took place at the Department for youth affairs and sports of Shaartuz district with participation of Chairman of Shaartuz district, His Excellency Ambassador of Japan, JICA Tajikistan representatives, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative and community members. The center is built within the framework of "Strengthening Community Resilience and regional cooperation in Central Asia" project funded by the Government of Japan.

Within the framework of this sub-project, the Department for youth affairs and sports of Shaartuz district and the Youth innovation center were rehabilitated and equipped so that local youth had a platform to participate in the public life of the district.

Prior to the rehabilitation of the center, local youth did not have access to any platforms uniting young people in self-development and participation in the public life of the district, and the Department for youth affairs and sports of Shaartuz district was limited in the working conditions. Now the doors of the innovation youth center are open for young people. Moreover, the working conditions for 2 permanent employees of the Department of youth and sports of Shaartuz district and its 50 volunteers have been improved.

“We hope that this youth centre will build on successful practices so far and develop new ones with the final aim to capacitate and prepare young people to productively engage and accelerate development of their communities including through innovation” – noted Ms. Sanja Bojanic.

Youth centre can serve as a platform for young people to network, exchange experience, match business ideas, create partnership with government and take part in district development planning process to solve political, social and economic issues of their society. It is a platform that can facilitate productive and constructive engagement of youth in the society.