UNDP in Tajikistan holds a 2-day exchange workshop for 83 members of 8 Advisory Groups (AGs) on prevention of violent extremism to enhance their knowledge and skills on working towards preventing violent extremism (VE) at the community level

May 4, 2023
Photo: UNDP Tajikistan

The workshop focuses on identifying best practices on preventing VE, adapting them into local context, and establishing a mechanism for sharing knowledge and experiences on PVE interventions at the community level and prevention of early signs of radicalization of population.

The PVE AGs are currently working on elaborating local PVE Action Plans with the aim to support effective implementation the Strategy on Countering Extremism and Terrorism in Tajikistan for 2021-2025. The plans will include measures for organizing community dialogues, promoting civic engagement, raising awareness, countering stigma, and identifying community grievances at an early stage.


The AGs are established within #UN-EU-funded project “Strengthening Resilience to Violent Extremism in Asia” (STRIVE Asia) in close partnership with Office of General Prosecutor and local authorities. Formally established by the order of the local authorities, these AGs are composed of representatives of local authorities, community leaders, religious leaders, CSOs, women activists, and youth. By bringing together these diverse perspectives, the AGs are a powerful tool for preventing and responding to violent extremism at the community level.