District Commissioner’s Office of Nickerie receives boat, boating gear and PPE

June 2, 2022


Demonstration of the boat in a tertiary channel in Nw Nickerie by DC office staff; Mrs. Toelsi and Mr. Troenokario Photo Credit: © GCCA+ May 2022


Weather, climate, and water-related disasters are becoming more frequent and more intense because of climate change.

In Suriname, we had extensive rainfall and flooding in 2021, and unfortunately, again since the beginning of 2022. The flooding is experienced in both coastal areas and in the hinterland of Suriname and has negatively impacted, infrastructure, crop production, other economic activities and therefore also lives and livelihoods.


Official handover of the boat to the District Commissioner of Nickerie Mrs. Senrita Gobardhan by UNDP Deputy Resident Representative Dr. Margaret Jones Williams in front of the District Commissioner’s Office .Photo Credit: © GCCA+ May 2022.


Together with the Government of Suriname the GCCA+ Phase 2 Project is working on capacity building to ensure that laws, policies, and institutions are strengthened to adequately assess and manage disaster risk and assist in the establishment of early warning systems.

To support the Nickerie community, the GCCA+ Phase 2 Project, funded by the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Suriname, handed over an aluminum boat to the District Commissioner of Nickerie on Friday 20th May 2022.  The handover of the boat also included an outboard motor, and additional gear such as life jackets, lifebuoy, an anchor and a total of 40 related personal protective equipment (PPE).


District Commissioner of Nickerie Mrs. Senrita Gobardhan and Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP, Dr. Margaret Jones Williams signing the handover documents for the boat and the PPE items Photo Credit: © UNDP Suriname May 2022.


The boat will enable the District Commissioner’s Office of Nickerie to execute more frequent inspections of primary and secondary canals and to perform the maintenance of tertiary canals. Inspections take place to identify risk and prevent the clogging of the drainage waterways which can lead to flooding as well as a reduced irrigation capacity of canals.

The District Commissioner has pledged to install a special technical team to detect and resolve issues in a timely manner.


Life Jackets, Chemical Mantle Suits, Pair of Water Boots, N95 Chemical Facemasks Photo Credit: © GCCA+ May 2022