Strategic initiatives

We are #NextGenUNDP


#NextGenUNDP is powering progress towards the SDGs with our groundbreaking Human Development Report, speeding up results through our network of Accelerator Labs and unlocking the enormous potential of data to uncover solutions to our most pressing challenges. We understand finance, and how to align public and private investors with the Global Goals. We are improving our business model, harnessing the power of digital, and using our Global Policy Network of 17,000 minds in 50 countries to build integrated solutions that are moving us towards the 2030 Agenda.

UNDP adapts to the range of country contexts in which we work through three broad responsive development settings which are tailored to and within countries. Our six signature solutions define the core work of UNDP.

We deliver through country support platforms for the Sustainable Development Goals, and expert global development advisory services.

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From reimagining the Human Development Report, to improving how we use data to fight poverty, to speeding up results through the Accelerator Labs, #NextGenUNDP is boosting countries’ progress toward the SDGs.


Investing nearly US$5 billion each year in development progress, and as countries’ partner of choice to access global funding windows, #NextGenUNDP understands finance and risk – and how to bring more SDG investors to the table.


A better workplace means better results, so we are pushing the boundaries to improve our business model, to balance our books, increase efficiency, go digital, and invest in our people for a more innovative, effective, efficient #NextGenUNDP.


With our Global Policy Network connecting UNDP’s 17,000-strong workforce, country platforms in 50 countries, and a determination to innovate, #NextGenUNDP is building integrated solutions that multiply impact and accelerate progress on the SDGs.