UNDP trains commercial motorbike riders on Sierra Leone’s sexual offences laws

February 5, 2024

A commercial bike rider making a presentation in Makeni

UNDP Sierra Leone/Prevention First Initiative Sierra Leone

In a proactive move to promote awareness and combat sexual offenses in Sierra Leone, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched an initiative to train commercial motorbike riders on the country's Sexual Offences Laws. This initiative is part of the Empowering Youth Bike Riders as Sustainable Agents of Peace project in partnership with the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), with funding from the UN Peacebuilding Fund. Sierra Leone, like many nations, grapples with challenges related to sexual offenses, necessitating a comprehensive, multi-sectoral approach. 

The educational sessions are strategically designed to foster awareness, understanding, and collaboration between commercial motorbike riders and the police in addressing sexual offenses, ultimately contributing to a safer and more informed community.

A facilitator at the training session

UNDP Sierra Leone/Prevention First Initiative Sierra Leone

The training aims to empower commercial motorbike riders with the knowledge needed to become advocates for change within their communities. The initial phase has been successfully conducted in the Western Area Rural, and Bombali Districts. Collaborating with Trocaire, Prevention First Initiative Sierra Leone, legal experts conducted the training  sessions covering  a range of topics, including consent, harassment, assault, and the legal consequences for perpetrators.

The Commercial motorbike riders  expressed enthusiasm for the training programme, recognizing the significance of their role in fostering a safer society. 

“I want to thank you for such an opportunity because most of us had very little idea on these laws and their penalties, we will surely take what we have learnt to our Motorbike parks.” - Samuel Conteh a participant from Bombali District (Makeni).

Looking ahead in 2024 as part of the UN Peacebuilding Fund project, the UNDP plans to expand the training programme to reach more commercial motorbike riders across Sierra Leone in the coming months. Emphasizing the importance of collective action in addressing and preventing sexual offenses, a total of 12 educational sessions on Sexual Offences Laws will be organized in Western Area Rural District (Tombo), Bombali District (Makeni), Kenema District (Kenema), and Bo District (Bo), reaching 253 riders (237 male and 16 female),  commercial motorbike riders.

About the  project 

Empowering Youth Bike Riders as Sustainable Agents of Peace (EYAP) seeks to harness the unique position of Commercial Motorbike Riders in Sierra Leone to promote sustainable peace. 

The project funded by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund aims at empowering young female and male youth Bike Riders as sustainable agents of peace. The 2-year project is jointly implemented by the UNDP Sierra Leone and the UNCDF in partnership with the Ministry of Youth Affairs.

Commercial bike riders at the Tombo Motor park

UNDP Sierra Leone/Janet Alamisi Dabire