National Adaptation Plan 2021

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National Adaptation Plan 2021

April 14, 2022

Sierra Leone’s economy is highly dependent on natural resources and fragile ecosystems and is already experiencing erratic rainfall patterns and rising temperatures leading to seasonal and flash floods, water shortages, low crop yield, and mudslides and will continue to have adverse impacts on sustainable livelihoods and assets of vulnerable communities.

The initial National Adaptation Plan (iNAP) responds to the overall objectives of the UNFCCC’s National Adaptation Plan Guidelines for reducing vulnerability to the impacts of climate change by building adaptive capacity and resilience of the country and facilitating the integration of climate change adaptation into relevant existing and new policies, programmes and activities.

The country’s iNAP also gives guidance and provides information on actions to reduce climate change vulnerability regarding water resources, agriculture and food security, public health, coastal zones, and communities across the country. The range of adaptation options has been well-defined through systemic and bottom-up national-level consultative processes. The process has been a significant achievement in raising awareness, building technical and institutional capacities, and integrating adaptation concerns into national development dialogues.

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