UNDP Youth-Led Innovation Challenge 2024

In search of Green Solutions in Sierra Leone

May 27, 2024

Green Solutions official launch flyer


In the face of pressing global challenges such as climate change and environmental degradation, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions that promote sustainability and create employment opportunities, particularly for the youth demographic. Recognizing this imperative, the Government of Sierra Leone through the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Sustainability Incubator and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Accelerator Labs are joining forces to support youth-led innovation and green job creation.


The challenge aims to harness the creativity, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit of young people to drive positive change towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.   The initiative will empower young innovators by equipping them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to develop and scale.


Innovative solutions addressing environmental challenges such as climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss and natural resource depletion.

Competition design and structure.

  • Eligibility:
    Young people who…
    o    Are Sierra Leoneans and resident in country. 
    o    Are aged 18 – 35.
    o    Are starting to work on a new idea or existing project.

    Can commit to attending:
    o    A bootcamp, when selected for seed funding and incubation, can commit to implementing their project, which could last until June 2025.

  • Selection Criteria (contestants/Idea): 
    o    The idea must: address an identified challenge within the green economy. 
    o    The idea should be environmentally friendly.  
    o    Contestant(s) should be passionate, ambitious and committed to growth beyond current level of their development phase.
  • How to submit the solutions 

Application process 

  • Online access and submission form.

  • Application forms are also available at the Environmental Protection Agency offices in Kono, Kenema, Bo, and Makeni Districts and at the Freetown Road office in Wilberforce. 

  • Screening

The first phase of screening will be done to identify 12 finalists that will proceed to a bootcamp and pitch event.

  •  Bootcamp

A 5-day bootcamp will be held to help the finalists prepare for their final pitches. 

  • Pitch event/ Judging panel 

A combination of two channels will be used to score pitches:

  1. Stakeholder Panel of Judges – these judges will be responsible for the initial screening of the applications to find the 12 finalists. Their scores will also count as 30% of the total scoring for the final pitch event to select the 3 winners.

  2. Technical Panel of Judges – these judges will be responsible for selecting the 3 winners from the 12 finalists. Their scores will count as 70% of the total scoring for the pitch.

Application period: May 28th – June 28th,2024. 

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