UNDP Supports In-Country ‘Negotiation and Consensus-Building’ Training for Political Women Leaders in Sierra Leone

August 12, 2022
Cross section of women political party leaders during the training at Radison Blu

Photo showing women political party leaders during the training at Radisson Blue Hotel, Freetown

UNDP/Mohamed Kanu

UNDP Sierra Leone in partnership with Political Party Registration Commission of Sierra Leone (PPRC) and Clingendael Institute successfully concluded a three-day (19 -21 July) training programme in Radisson Blu Hotel, Freetown for women political party leaders and representatives of All Political Party Women Association. Total of 30 participants (90% women and 10% men) attended the training programme facilitated by Izzy van Unen and Eugène van Kemenade from the Clingendael Academy.

The programme provided unique opportunities for the participants to learn about various mediation technics necessary for engagement in effective negotiation and consensus-building process among political parties, parliamentarians, civil society groups and state institutions. By measuring participants knowledge and experience in the negotiation and consensus-building, the training programme taught different techniques and toolkits on bargaining, analysis, formulation of proposals and dealing with emotions and tensions during mediation and negotiation initiatives. Learning outcome was achieved by using various interactive training methodologies, mainly:

  • Group discussions, including reflection in groups on lessons learned;
  • Bilateral negotiation and mediation simulations;
  • Mediation simulations in delegations in preparation of a dialogue;
  • International case studies;
  • Individual negotiation and mediation profile and self-assessments.
“This training is significant for the women political leaders in the country and when used effectively, will prevent unnecessary happenings, and intra and inter political party conflicts. I hope the women leaders will employ the requisite skills to initiate negotiations and resolve issues,”
Abdulai Masiambay Bangurah, Chairman of Political Party Registration Commission sated at the opening event of the training programnme.

It is expected that participants will apply newly learned skills to resolve intra and inter party issues through negotiation and multistakeholder engagements in the consensus-building process as well as build stronger relationships between and among political parties and the public, in general.

UNDP remains committed to support interventions that consolidate gains made for promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality, and to respond directly to gender challenges that UNDP’s gender lenses have made glaring.

About Clingendael Institute

Clingendael was founded in 1983 and is in the top ten of think tanks in Western Europe. Its Academy is one of the largest diplomatic training academies in the world. Since 2005, the Clingendael Academy has trained thousands of diplomats and high-level international professionals from around the world. Its staff have provided training and support to mediation initiatives in dozens of peace negotiation processes and for over 250 humanitarian aid organizations. Clingendael has been a trusted partner for various branches of the UN and mediation organisations such as the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Geneva Call and is a member of the Mediation Support Network.