Roadmap for Circular Economy in Serbia

Roadmap for circular economy in Serbia

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Roadmap for Circular Economy in Serbia

February 9, 2021

The Roadmap for Circular Economy in Serbia is a process aiming to gather, promote and connect the identified stakeholders whose knowledge, innovation and creativity can contribute to a faster transition to circular economy. This document is a guide to circular economy transition models that equally focus on profit, environmental protection and preservation of resources. Economic, social and environmental dimensions are given equal importance. The goal of the Roadmap is to encourage manufacturing with the use of circular business models, to motivate the industry to create new jobs, and to improve doing business by finding innovative and sustainable solutions for the market. The intention of this document is to inspire the society to consider systemic changes in mindset, culture and attitude toward resources, as well as to encourage the political decision-makers to commit to altering the public policies and discourse in the context of circular economy. This is the initial document aiming to start the dialogue between decision-makers, industry representatives, academia and civil society. Its purpose is to delineate the steps and timeline for the future transition, with the use of digital tools.