State audit institution obtain audit management software

November 5, 2021

The system for automated digital audit conduct and follow-up, which will be introduced in the State Audit Institution (SAI) from January 2022, will improve the quality and expedite the audit process. The final testing of the software and training for the use of the system is in progress, with a view to familiarize the state auditors with all the functionalities of the system and prepare them for its utilization.

At the meeting held at the Metropol Hotel in Belgrade, on the occasion of the system presentation, Dr. Duško Pejović, President of the SAI and Auditor General pointed out that by introducing the new software SAI will be among the first state bodies in the Republic of Serbia to digitize its procedures, from the beginning to end.

"Introduction of the new software for audit conduct and follow up will facilitate audit planning; provide a database of all audit entities; enable monitoring of the audit process, the status of recommendations and filed charges, as well as electronic management of audit documents," said Dr. Pejović.

The planned progress in the work of the SAI, with regards to the increase in the audit scope and quality, will enable the audit of a larger number of entities that will receive recommendations to comply with, said Dr. Pejović. He added that the entities’ actions in line with the recommendations and the increase of the impact of external audit will both contribute to the transparency and stability of the overall system of public finances.

Karin McDonald, Head of the Development Cooperation Department, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, emphasized that the State Audit Institution is enabled to conduct complex audits that are fully in line with best practices and international standards.

"Sound public financial control and improved use of public funds contribute to administrative reforms in Serbia, enhanced public finance management, better transparency and the fight against corruption. Sweden has recognized the importance of reforms in Serbia and has decided to provide financial support to this program, as part of our overall goal to support reforms in Serbia and its approximation to the European Union," Ms. McDonald said.

"With the support of the Government of Sweden, UNDP assisted the State Audit Institution in introducing the first software tailored to the needs of the state auditors, with the aim to facilitate and improve the preparation of audit reports. The new audit management system will enable better control over the spending of public funds in the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the highest international standards. In that way, it will contribute to more accountable and transparent use of public funds by the budget beneficiaries, so that citizens who set aside money for taxes, in turn, receive good quality and timely public services", said Francine Pickup, Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Serbia.

The roll-out of the system for automated digital audit conduct and follow up is one of the activities within the project "Platform for Accountable Public Finance Management", funded by the Government of Sweden and implemented by UNDP. The objective of this initiative is to improve the operations of public authorities competent for implementing public finance reform.

Karin McDonald, Francine Pickup, Duško Pejović, Mihailo Jovanović and Saša Gavrilović