Results of project evaluation within “Dialogue for the Future“ Program

May 18, 2020

The team of the UN regional program “Dialogue for the Future” is thankful to all applicants who have submitted  more than 200 project proposals from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia for their efforts and excellent ideas aimed at enhancing youth capacity, improving media and information literacy and media reporting, advancing dialogue and action for public good, improving the education system for greater social cohesion, advancing  gender equality, promoting cultural diversity and intercultural understanding, as well as advancing environmental protection. Civil society organizations, public institutions and municipalities were eligible to apply in this Call for Proposals.

The evaluation process resulted in a total of 19 cross-border projects that will be awarded grants. The implementation of these cross-border grants will contribute to the overall goal of this regional joint UN program: to enhance social cohesion and dialogue, in and between, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia. In crises times such as this pandemic that has affected the entire planet, social cohesion represents a key pillar and resource every society relies upon, by strengthening positive interpersonal relations, solidarity and activism, for the benefit and wellbeing of the entire communities.

The Joint Regional Program “Dialogue for the Future”, coordinated by the UN Resident Coordinators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia, is implemented by UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO, with funding from the UN Peacebuilding Fund.

List of Approved Projects




Title of Project


“Our children” Sarajevo

“Children say…“

Group 484

Association “Your rights” BiH

“Intercultural dialogue-dialogue for the future (ID for the future)“

Belgrade Center for Human Rights

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Bijeljina; NGO “JUVENTAS“ Podgorica

“Network of young defenders of human rights for education, labor and accommodation“

Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization

Youth Council of Federation of BiH

“Culture of dialogue“

Group ``Hajde da“

Youth Initiative for Human Rights in BiH

``Story of diversity – living library“

Association "Nova Iskra Creative Hub"

Foundation for Innovation and Technological Development ``INTERA“

``Media Youth Hub: Development of digital and media literacy among youth in B&H and Serbia“





Title of Project

Museum of Modern Art of Republika Srpska

Art Gallery “Nadežda Petrović“ Čačak; National Museum of Montenegro, Cetinje

“Territory of culture“

Association “CROA”

Open Center ``BONA FIDE“, Pljevlja

“Art of democracy“

East West Center Sarajevo

Novi Tvrđava Teatar, Novi Sad, JU “City of Theater”, Budva

“Theater as dialogue, cultural diversity and intercultural understanding “

Association of citizens “Nevid theater”

Association of drama artists of Serbia

“Education through play“

Women’s association “Maja” Bratunac

Women’s association “Priroda“ Bratunac; Women’s association “Vila“ Ljubovija; NGO “Kisele Vode“ Bijelo Polje

“Cooperation and culture for the future“

Public Institution Secondary Technical School

Te šan j

Technical School, Čačak

“Green Western Balkans – Better Western Balkans“

Public Institution Bosnian Cultural Center of Canton Sarajevo

Cultural and Information Center ''Budo Tomović'' Podgorica

“Voices of peace“

Association of Visually Impaired, Tuzla

Municipal association of blind persons, Belgrade, Union of the Blind of Montenegro

“Strengthening blind women to combat violence, discrimination and gender inequality“




Title of Project

Drama studio “Empty Space”

Association ``AkustikUm-musical youth of BiH"

“Art of understanding “

Red Cross of Montenegro

Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina

“Youth as agents of change in society“

SOS line for women and children victims of violence, Nikšić

Association "Woman of BiH", Mostar

“Women’s voices against gender-based violence in Montenegro and BiH “

Children of Montenegro

Association ``Peacebuilding Network“ Sarajevo

“Interculturalism in education“

Eco center “Delfin”

REDAH  –  association for economic development

“Education for sustainable development of UNESCO heritage“

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