Innovations contribute to reduction of energy poverty and just green transition

November 13, 2023


Belgrade, November 14, 2023 - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Ministry of Mining and Energy have chosen 12 of the most mature business solutions for just green transformation of the economy and reduction of energy poverty, which will be implemented thanks to the financial support of the Government of Japan in the amount of 450,000 dollars.

The selected innovations were proposed by companies from the private and public sectors. By transitioning to the use of different renewable energy sources, they will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and decarbonisation, as well as more efficient use of natural resources. In addition, some of these companies will help energy-impaired households isolate their house facades and replace joinery with donations of environmentally friendly heaters and energy sources.

The implementation of these solutions will also lead to the opening of new, green jobs for members of vulnerable and less employable population groups. Also, the companies will become less energy independent from the public supply system, achieve significant energy and resource savings, and contribute to the reduction of the energy intensity of the economy in Serbia.

One of the selected innovations was proposed by PUC "Gradska čistoća" from Novi Pazar, which will process wood waste and organic waste from agricultural farms and train members of sensitive groups to operate new machines that turn this waste into wood chips for heating. The company "AY-YA Products" from Šid, which produces cold-pressed hazelnut oil, is training women from sensitive groups to work on new machines that will allow more than 80% of raw materials to be used in production, thus significantly reducing the amount of waste.

Among those chosen are solutions that give opportunities for the development of tourism because of the ending of mining activities. Thus, the Public Company for Underground Coal Mining "Resavica" from Despotovac will turn Senjski Mine into an eco-museum, where it will present how life and work were done in the mining settlement, while "Kayak House" will build a solar catamaran for navigation on Serbian rivers and lakes. especially in areas where boats with internal combustion engines are prohibited.

All solutions were selected through a Public Call that was announced in May of this year, and after the development phase of the proposed ideas with the support of mentors, they will be implemented by March 2024. It is expected that their application in practise will encourage the strengthening of cooperation between Serbian and Japanese companies that apply the principles of green business.

More information about all selected innovations can be found HERE.

The selected solutions will be implemented within the project „Innovative and Just Green Transition as a Tool for Securing Systemic Energy Security and Reducing Energy Poverty“, implemented by UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Mining and Energy, with the support of the Government of Japan.