An image for change – for media reporting that contributes to prevention of violence against women

November 16, 2022
Photo: Ana Batričević

Photographs and illustrations that follow reports on violence against women in the press or web portals are just as important as the very texts about this social phenomenon. Images showing situations of violence, physical injuries, the scene of the crime or weapons used to commit violence, though they may attract more public attention, can cause women survivors of violence to feel fear or anger, instead of encouragement. Often such images retraumatize women, reminding them of the violence they survived. To change this, media should use both text and images to send the message that violence is unacceptable, that it is a crime, and show solidarity with those exposed to violence.  

The group „Journalists against violence against women”, together with UNDP, B92 Fund and Commissioner for the Protection of Equality, formed a photo and illustration database with works that depict the problem of violence, its forms and reactions to it, in an ethical way. The database was developed for the very purpose of supporting media reporting that contributes to the empowerment of survivors, increased solidarity with persons exposed to violence and to ending violence against women. The database currently contains 140 works by 19 authors.  

The database is available for free use by all media who wish to contribute to public education and prevention of violence against women. Follow this link to access the database:



Photo: Lenka Pavlović

This activity is part of the project “Integrated Response to Violence Against Women and Girls in Serbia III” jointly implemented by UNICEF, UN Women, UNFPA and UNDP, in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, led by the Coordination Body for Gender Equality, and with the support of the Government of Sweden.