Tender for National Firms to Provide Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation Services for One UN Agencies

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) On behalf of UN Agencies in Rwanda hereby invites you to submit a Proposal to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Consultancy to undertake the Provision of  Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation Services for One UN Agencies. This RFP(downloadable) includes the following documents and the General Terms and Conditions of Contract which is inserted in the Bid Data Sheet (BDS):

            Section 1: This Letter of Invitation

Section 2: Instruction to Bidders

Section 3: Bid Data Sheet (BDS)

Section 4: Evaluation Criteria

Section 5: Terms of Reference

Section 6: Returnable Bidding Forms

o  Form A: Technical Proposal Submission Form

o  Form B: Bidder Information Form

o  Form D: Qualification Form

o  Form E: Format of Technical Proposal

o  Form F: Financial Proposal Submission Form

o  Form G: Financial Proposal Form

Detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) as well as other requirements have been provided through the UNDP eTendering system accessible at ” https://etendering.partneragencies.org    Event ID: RWA10- 000000 10214.

If you are interested in submitting a Proposal in response to this RFP, please prepare your Proposal in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this RFP and submit through the online eTendering system not later than 15th September 2021.

We encourage you to submit your offer one day before to avoid missing the tender at the last minute.

UNDP looks forward to receiving your Proposal and thank you in advance for your interest in UNDP procurement opportunities.

eTendering information:

                                                          Event ID no: RWA10- 00000010214.



-        Bidders are advised to use Internet Explorer (Version 10 or above) to avoid any compatibility issues with the e-tendering system.

-        Supporting documents required are in the .pdf format, and free from any virus or corrupted files and Quotations.

-        The File name has to contain only Latin characters (No Cyrillic or other alphabets).

-        If you have not registered in the system before, you can register now by logging in using

                           username: event.guest

                           password: why2change

-        Note that ATLAS has following minimum requirements for password:

                        Minimum length of 8 characters.

                        At least on capital letter.

                        At least one number.

-        New bidder registering for first time, system will not accept any password that does not meet the above requirements and thus registration cannot be completed.

-        For already existing bidders whose current password does not meet the criteria, when signing in, system will prompt you to change the password, and it will not accept a new password that does not meet requirement.

-        The step by step instructions for registration of bidders and quotation submission through the UNDP ATLAS e-Tendering system is available in the “Instructions Manual for the Bidders”, uploaded.

-        You may check the following LINKs to access guiding instructional videos for bidders on how to use the UNDP etendering:

·       Video Guide on How to register in the UNDP eTendering system as a Bidder Profile:


·       Video Guide on How to Submit a Bid on eTendering : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cy34AXsYMrc&feature=youtu.be