UNDP Rwanda and the Government of Rwanda join forces to bring clean energy to over 500 rural families with Biogas

February 16, 2023

Rwamagana, 16 February 2023 - While Rwanda has made significant strides in providing electricity to its population, many rural households still lack access to this basic need. To bridge this gap, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Rwanda is partnering with HomeBiogas, an Israeli company, and the Eastern Province leadership to provide 500 households in Rwamagana and Ngoma Districts with movable aerobic digesters and cooking stoves.

This biogas project is part of Rwanda's Green Growth Plan, which aims to scale up renewable energy solutions in rural households in collaboration with private sector companies and international development partners. Biogas is a game-changing technology that empowers rural communities, reduces waste, and helps combat climate change by providing a sustainable source of energy.

Bernardin Uzayisaba, Manager of the Project at UNDP in Rwanda, stated that "Biogas is a win-win solution that addresses poverty, climate change, and energy access in low-resource settings. It reduces deforestation, increases agricultural productivity, and enhances food security. Moreover, it reduces indoor pollution and related respiratory diseases, all while providing a source of income for rural households."

The Governor of Eastern Province, who championed the project, believes that "Our Government has set efforts to protect the environment in the Eastern Province through a programme called: "Transforming Eastern Province's resilience through adaptation (TREPA)".

“We thank the UNDP for this milestone that will support 500 households with biogas, a big effort towards environmental conservation and farmers resilience towards climate change."

Biogas is produced through the process of anaerobic digestion, breaking down organic waste, such as cow dung, to produce clean, renewable energy for cooking, hot water, and small electrical generators. Nathalie Niyonagira, the Mayor of Ngoma District, applauded the work done by UNDP Rwanda in providing Home Biogas to the beneficiaries, saying that it has cut down gender roles, helped families save income used on firewood, and contributed to other basic needs. However, people need to be trained to maintain the biogas system and add manure daily and alert the engineers if it is broken.

The biogas project not only improves the rural community's livelihoods but also provides a promising solution for rural communities looking to shift away from fossil fuels and reduce their carbon footprint. It has the potential to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change while also improving the lives of those who use it.