Construction of handwashing stations in youth centers to contain the spread of COVID-19

October 27, 2020

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With an objective of curbing the spread of the pandemic and supporting the national response to the COVID-19 crisis, the UNDP in partnership with KOICA have supported the construction of handwashing stations in all youth centres located in all 30 districts covering all of Rwanda.

As part of youth empowerment initiatives, the Government of Rwanda established youth centres named “Youth Empowerment for Global Opportunities” (YEGO) in each of the 30 districts of the country. The initiative aims to promote youth socio-economic empowerment and ensuring the effective participation of the youth in the country’s development process.

The centres provide a comprehensive range of services accessible to all youth including the provision of entrepreneurship, ICT, TVET skills and other related trainings, sexual and reproductive health services, talent detection and incubation programs as well as sport facilities.

The Youth Centres receive a significant number of young women and men who go there for different trainings, leisure and entertainment purposes.

Omar Tony Nsengumuremyi, the Coordinator of YEGO Rafiki situated in Nyarugenge District, city of Kigali, attested that the construction of handwashing stations was a necessity and will serve the youth even after Covid-19 pandemic.

“Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the centre used to receive a big number of youths who seek different services it offers. Not only this handwashing station will help us to curb the spread of COVID-19 but will also help us to uphold hygiene culture among youth,” says Nsengumuremyi.