What's Your Page-Turner? A Breakfast Tale and Beyond

By Maxwell Gomera

September 18, 2023

Vector communication concept


A few days ago, I sat across the table having coffee with a friend in Cambridge. He is a CEO with a razor-sharp intellect but holds large organizations in a bit of a disdainful light. "Size doesn't matter; direction does," I told him. As we spoke, it dawned on me that the insight was more than a one-liner for the morning—it was a lesson for all of us in the realm of impactful communication. So here we are, no coffee required, diving into this urgent conversation.


Four questions as your compass


To kick things off, if you're in the business of meaningful communication, there are four pivotal questions you need to ask:

  1. What decisions or behaviours are we aiming to change?
  2. Who are the decision-makers or actors?
  3. What information do they need for change?
  4. How do we get that information across?


These questions are your guiding compass. Ignore one, and you're sailing through the fog—exciting but, oh, so risky.


The story is the thing.

Narrative is king. It's not the organization's size that matters; it's the stories that emanate from within. So, what's your page-turner? Are you captivating your audience in a way that instigates change? It's about the quality of the conversation, not the size of the meeting room. A compelling story doesn't just entertain; it activates.


Tech, your guiding star

Next, let's talk about our dear friend technology—but without putting you to sleep with jargon. In this digital era, tech is the backbone of effective communication. Whether it's AI like ChatGPT or other tools, they can handle routine tasks, allowing you to focus on the message you want to convey.


Choose your canvas wisely.


Communication is an art, and every art form needs its perfect canvas. In today's media landscape filled with tweets, videos, and memes, selecting the appropriate channel for your message is paramount. Sometimes, an insightful interview outshines a snazzy video. Know your story, then choose the best platform to showcase it.


Conclusion: elevating the conversation


Let's wrap this up. Keep those four essential questions close to your heart. You're not just a mere communicator; you're a storyteller, a tech aficionado, and a master of audience psychology. It's time to up the ante in the conversations we're having, not just crank up the volume.


So, here's the challenge: Let's not just make some noise; let's make a lasting impact. Shall we?