UNDP Working With Civil Society in Foreign Aid




UNDP Working With Civil Society in Foreign Aid

November 3, 2015

While South-South Cooperation has been expanding significantly over the past decade, for the most part, this cooperation has not included Southern civil society organizations (CSOs). This e-book, the first to be published by UNDP China, is intended as a resource for South-South cooperation aid-providers, drawing upon current experience with CSOs in aid delivery. Based on research carried out in response to a request from Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, and authored by Brian Tomlinson from AidWatch Canada, the book reviews experiences and roles of CSOs in development cooperation, drawing out some common themes and good practice from various aid providing countries. It analyzes this experience through the optic of principles guiding South-South cooperation: social solidarity, mutual benefit and respect, a shared development experience and equitable partnerships. It puts forward potential issues and questions to consider for possible future engagement with civil society in the framework of South-South cooperation.