UNDP Guidance Note on Constitution-Making Support




UNDP Guidance Note on Constitution-Making Support

September 20, 2016

For the first time, the UNDP Strategic Plan 2014-17 explicitly recognises constitution-making assistance as a key component of UNDP’s support for inclusive governance, peacebuilding and sustainable human development. Constitutions comprise the overarching legal framework which sets out the basis of the social contract between a state and its people. They establish the institutions of government and their powers vis-à-vis each other and the people, affecting all aspects of policy and society.


This Guidance Note is a first step in developing a stronger knowledge platform to guide UNDP country offices on good–practice constitutional assistance approaches.  It provides advice and tips, as well as sharing good practice case studies and lessons learned, to assist UNDP practitioners who are designing and implementing support to constitution-making. Part I outlines why UNDP supports constitution-making, building on guidance from the Secretary-General. Part II provides guidance on approaches to designing constitutional assistance, with special emphasis on developing strong partnerships with a range of counterparts. Part III focuses on the technical entry points for assistance. Part IV provides a summary of key lessons learned in constitution-making support.