Local Action for the Global Goals




Local Action for the Global Goals

December 6, 2016

The ambitious 2030 Agenda calls for integrated solutions across the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to address the critical challenges of our time. To achieve this ambitious agenda, we will need to support actions at the local, national, and international levels. Over the past 15 and 25 years, respectively, the Equator Initiative and UNDP-Implemented GEF Small Grants Programme have worked to advance local efforts to develop holistic approaches sustainable development. Our joint experience demonstrates that when empowered with the rights and resources they need to manage their natural resources, communities can be drivers of transformational change. This publication highlights the work of 68 total Equator Prize winners – 24 of which are SGP grantees – as they apply to each of the 17 SDGs, demonstrating the tangible impact of local action across the 2030 Agenda.