Issue Brief: Just Transition

Issue Brief: Just Transition

Just Transition Issue Brief

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Issue Brief: Just Transition

August 26, 2022

A green transition is at the heart of meeting the Paris Agreement goals. Nonetheless, if not managed well, it also runs the risk of increasing social inequality, civil unrest, and less competitive businesses, sectors and markets. Transition pathways have distributional consequences – job losses are likely to occur in certain sectors, regions, and/or communities, particularly where dependence on fossil fuels or carbon-intensive practices are high and where opportunities for economic diversification are limited.

As countries are continuing to update and implement their shorter- and longer-term national climate pledges, there is a unique opportunity to embed the principles, processes, and practices of just transition within them.

The experience of Climate Promise has demonstrated that Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) can be a powerful tool to define climate action through inclusive and whole-of-society owned processes. This report sums up the five key areas in which scaled up support will be provided to promote a just transition towards a climate-resilient and low carbon economy, building on the support under the Climate Promise.

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