Innovation for 2030 : UNDP Innovation Facility 2015 year in review


Innovation for 2030 : UNDP Innovation Facility 2015 year in review

September 7, 2016

In 2014, UNDP, with the generous support of the Government of Denmark, established an Innovation Facility to improve service delivery and support national governments and citizens to tackle complex challenges.

The UNDP Innovation Facility’s second annual Review focuses on 62 initiatives across 45 countries sponsored by the Facility in 2015 with seed-funding and technical assistance. This includes Innovation Labs to improve public service delivery to foresight-based techniques that enhance planning processes; from real-time information that improves decision-making to behavioral insights that facilitate evidence-based policy-making. UNDP’s geographic reach, field presence and understanding of the local contexts, allows us to experiment with  different innovation methods quickly and maximize the learning from those interventions that can be scaled up. This contributes to de-risking investment of public funds.

The Review shares lessons from the Innovation Facility and its partners through exciting initiatives that are testing and scaling solutions to address challenges across five areas:

  • Eradicating Poverty, Leaving No One Behind
  • Protecting the Planet
  • Preventing Violent Conflict, Building Peaceful Societies
  • Managing Risk, Improving Disaster Response
  • Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment