Thinking Out Loud 2021

Thinking Out Loud 2021 - Collection of OpEds and Blogs from the Philippine Staff

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Thinking Out Loud 2021

February 4, 2022

For the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the pandemic tested the strength of our commitment to deliver better, quicker, and more effective support to the Philippines in the face of compounded crises. We fully recognize the challenges that the current environment brings, and we are grateful to our staff because, despite these risks, UNDP in the Philippines remains fully operational even in extremely challenging contexts, continuing our critical support to partners when they need us most.

Aptly entitled ‘Thinking Out Loud 2021,’ this collection of blogs and articles produced in 2021 showcases the important work we have done in the past year, featuring the voices of our staff who continue to work tirelessly on the ground to reach those who are at the farthest in line with our mandate to leave no one behind. They face risks to their health and endure the concurrent anxiety that comes with every single moment they spend out in the field.

The articles featured in this collection reflect the insights and reflections of our valuable staff members, whose efforts serve as the backbone of our organization. The blogs offer partners and readers a peak into the realities of the efforts towards sustainable development amid a global crisis.

This collection is a testament to the belief that working for UNDP is more than just a job – it really is a vocation.

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