#TawidCOVID Innovation Challenge

October 17, 2020


UNDP Philippines is calling on all changemakers, movers, and shakers!  Join the #TawidCOVID innovation challenge which aims to find, improve, test, and scale novel solutions for socioeconomic recovery especially for the poor and vulnerable.




This new normal is disproportionately hurting the poor and vulnerable.

The COVID Pulse PH survey found that the incomes of 83 percent of low-income households have decreased during the pandemic-induced lockdown. These findings highlight the precarious situation of poor households and the risks to the country’s achievement of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

This situation has led civil society—whether formally-established institutions or self-organized collectives—to find creative ways to help the poor in the pandemic. These efforts included crowdsourcing and crowdfunding relief efforts; monitoring the delivery of relief to the poor; and livelihood interventions that bridge broken rural-urban supply chains, create new opportunities for the displaced, and localize the production of Personal Protective Equipment.

Now, the question is:

How might we convert these BAYANIHAN initiatives that are driven by kindness, creativity, & activism into novel, scalable, & systemic efforts for the new normal?


The purpose of the #TawidCOVID Innovation Challenge is to promote innovative ways for socioeconomic recovery from the pandemic through recognition of community-based innovations and greater collaboration between local government, civil society, and business. 

The challenge aims to search for grassroots innovations and other existing community-based solutions that could be further enhanced and scaled, and which are designed to be implemented through the collaboration of NGOs, private sector including startups, local government, and other stakeholders. The challenge aims to incentivize the grassroots innovators that are situated within or are working with these local coalitions to come out and lead change


1. Strengthen convergence and social accountability in local service delivery - the solutions should help strengthen ordinary citizen’s constructive engagement in the efficient and effective delivery of socioeconomic recovery programs and projects at the local level.      

2. Promote sustainable livelihood & build the capabilities & assets of the poor - the solutions should be aimed at building the assets and capabilities of poor families and communities for them to attain self-sufficiency under the new normal. 

3. Mobilize new resources for these innovative approaches - to support social accountability and sustainable livelihood interventions, creative approaches to mobilizing human, institutional, and financial resources for these will be sought and tested. 


The innovation challenge is open to all innovators—whether individuals, non-profits, startup enterprises, or others—who have created solutions that could help reduce poverty under the new normal, and which could be tested and scaled. 

Outlined below are the mechanics for participation in the challenge.

1.      Proposals must be submitted on or before 9 November 2020, 5PM Manila (5AM EDT) and via the following means (choose 1 only):

        a.     Via Online Form - https://bit.ly/TawidCovidEntryForm

        By accomplishing this online form version of the template and uploading all the         supporting attachments in the relevant fields. This is the most advised manner of         submission as it allows UNDP to quickly review and evaluate the proposals

        b.     Via Email: bids.ph@undp.org

        Email Subject Line to Use: CFP-119 TawidCOVID Innovation

        File size limit: 7MB. It is advisable to compress your files, send in batches, and/or         provide the documents through a secure cloud storage.

2.     To be considered, applicants must submit the complete proposal template (via the online form or word doc attached), financial proposal (file attached), and all other supporting documents.

3.     Only one application per participant is allowed.

4.     The winning proposals will be selected by a panel composed of three (3) UNDP personnel, one (1) ZEP lead convenor, and one (1) social innovation or poverty expert.

The complete criteria for selection and other details can be found in this link - https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=71531


Of the shortlisted solutions, up to four (4) solutions—at least one each for the three challenge areas—will be awarded with a monetary prize of up to $40,000 under a UNDP innovation contract.

UNDP will be supporting the challenge winners over a four (4) -month period from 16 November 2020 to 15 March 2021, with a tolerance for extensions of up to 31 March 2021 at the latest.

You may reach out to acceleratorlab.ph@undp.org for questions or clarifications.

Complete details regarding the challenge mechanics and details can be found here: https://procurement-notices.undp.org/view_notice.cfm?notice_id=71531