UN Staff in Namibia trained on Results-Based Reporting to Enhance UNCT Country Results Report

October 5, 2023

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Namibia conducted a training workshop on results-based reporting. The workshop, held 19-20 September at the Safari Hotel in Windhoek, aimed to improve the quality of the UNCT Country Results Report by ensuring a shared understanding of results-based management (RBM) among UN staff members.

Facilitated by UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF and UN Women from the Agencies Regional Offices, the training brought together 50 participants from various groups, including the Results-based Management Group, United Nations Communications Group, Programme Management Team, and Agency Programme staff. These groups are vital in planning, monitoring, and reporting through the United Nations information management system UNinfo.

The UNCT in Namibia has set a goal to produce a high-quality UNCT Country Results Report by the end of 2023. To achieve this, the workshop sought to enhance participants' understanding of RBM principles, frameworks, and different levels of results in the context of results reporting—additionally, the training equipped participants with effective communication techniques and reporting practices.

The workshop's objectives revolved around promoting a results culture within the United Nations system and facilitating the application of RBM tools and principles. By providing participants with comprehensive training, the UN hopes to enhance the quality and accuracy of their reporting efforts.


Hopolang Phororo, the UN Resident Coordinator in Namibia, said that the training is crucial to the Heads of Agencies in a bid to improve the annual results report. She emphasized the importance of the training, stating, " Let us use this opportunity to learn, share, and grow so that we can contribute more effectively to the development of Namibia under the auspices of our UN Partnership Framework and the realization of its Vision 2030. Together, we can make a difference”. She said.


Ms. Hopolang Phororo, UN Resident Coordinator in Namibia


The training took place over two days, covering a range of topics such as RBM principles, frameworks, and the different levels of results. Participants learned effective communication techniques and reporting practices to produce high-quality reports that align with the UNCT's objectives and contribute to the overall development of Namibia.

As the workshop ended, participants expressed gratitude for the opportunity to strengthen their reporting skills and contribute to the UNCT Country Results Report. They conveyed their commitment to implementing the knowledge gained from the training into their respective roles within the UN system in Namibia.

The Results Based Management Group and the Programme Management Team promote results culture within the United Nations System and assist the Pillars in efforts to apply Results-Based Management (RBM) tools and principles in their annual planning, monitoring, and reporting. The PMT is ultimately responsible for providing internal oversight of UNPAF 2019-2023 implementation by monitoring the planning, implementation and reporting of the four UNPAF Results Groups.

The UNPAF 2019-2023, signed by 18 UN entities, guides the United Nations' contribution to Namibia's development priorities. Aligned with the extended National Development Plan 5, the framework maintains the partnership between the United Nations and Namibia while adjusting strategies and goals accordingly. The UNPAF addresses four main results areas: Economic Progression, Social Transformation, Environmental Sustainability, and Good Governance.

With the successful conclusion of the results-based reporting training, the UNCT in Namibia is confident in its ability to produce a comprehensive and insightful UNCT Country Results Report by the end of 2023. By continually improving their reporting practices, the UN strives to contribute effectively towards Namibia's long-term development goals outlined in the country’s national development plans.