About us

In support of the Government of Namibia, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has embarked on the implementation of a five-year Country Programme Document (CPD) 2019-2023

UNDP focuses on areas that have a multiplier effect through a targeted build-up of capacities, policies, the creation of dialogue space, and scalable downstream interventions. Proposed downstream interventions will seek to provide platforms for citizen engagement in democratic processes and facilitate access to skills, knowledge and new technologies for increased income generation. 

In so doing, UNDP Namibia renders its support through the following three portfolios: 

  1. Sustainable Inclusive Green Growth (SIGG) 

  1. Governance Responsive Institutions and Civic Engagement (GRICE) 

  1. Sustainable Environment Management, Energy and Resilience (SEMER) 


UNDP works in line with the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP 5), and the United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF) which responds to Namibia’s development priorities and sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnerships by 2030.