Ndevahoma Auction Kraal Empowers Community Through Livestock Initiative

October 13, 2023

Signage of the Ndevahoma Auction Kraal

In a remarkable transformation and in response to escalating climate change and vulnerability of traditional crop farming, farmers in Ohangwena region have turned to livestock farming as an adaptive strategy. In this regard, the Ndevahoma Auction Kraal has emerged as a beacon of hope for the local community, catalyzing economic growth and social development. Founded in 2018 with a mere loading pan, the Kraal received a financial boost in 2021 through the Namibia Integrated Landscape Approach for Enhancing Livelihoods and Environmental Governance to Eradicate Poverty (NILALEG) implemented by Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism grant worth N$736,000. The funds were provided by UNDP through the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and administered by the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF).

Beneficiaries and Officials during a meeting at the Ndevahoma Auction Kraal

This injection of funds enabled them to upgrade the loading pen into an auction kraal, establish proper fencing, construct a kraal structure, and enhance the market potential by upgrading the current structure and size and paving the way for the successful sale of cattle, starting that same year. The Kraal is a hub for farmers, traders, and experts, enabling farmers to showcase top-quality livestock.

Just in one year, the project has successfully organized and conducted ten auctions, resulting in a remarkable combined turnover of N$ 9,927,100.00. The auctions have been instrumental in attracting a significant number of participants, with 1099 farmers attending these events. Of these attendees, 399 farmers actively engaged in livestock sales, comprising 29 females and 370 males. 

The auctions showcased a diverse range of livestock, with 1159 cattle, , and four sheep sold during these gatherings. The sales of these animals have been a testament to the project's effectiveness in promoting and supporting livestock farming to promote livelihoods and support the activities geared towards rangeland management and improvement.

Cattle loading pan at the Ndevahoma kraal

Since the Kraal's inception, the number of cattle accommodated has skyrocketed from 70 to an impressive 250 monthly, reflecting exponential operation growth. Through their dedication and commitment, the Ndevahoma Auction Kraal has transformed into a thriving livestock business and become a catalyst for positive change in the community.

Implementing auctioning activities has created viable markets for small-scale farmers and encouraged the adoption of improved livestock and rangeland management practices, resulting in an overall enhancement of livestock quality.

Saara Halueendo, one of the beneficiaries has the following to say, 


“the benefits I get here are through selling my cattle, the prices are fair, and I do not struggle to find customers for my cattle. I can have five cattle that I can sell in one day because many customers come to the auction kraal. It used to be challenging in the past, but with the new structure, which is also organized, the selling is easier. Sometimes, we also use the Kraal to buy and market other goods such as food and vehicles as many people attend the monthly auctions.”

Saara Halueendo one of the beneficiary

Another beneficiary, Moses Kwambi said he has seen a lot of benefits since the upgrade of the Kraal. 

“Before the auction kraal, it used to be difficult to sell my cattle because I had to look around the villages and reach out to individuals to find customers. However, with the Kraal, I can sell my cattle easily and fairly and do not have to travel long distances to auction my cattle”, he said.

Moses Kwambi, one of the beneficiary

The impact of this initiative reaches far beyond the cattle industry. The entire community has reaped the benefits of the Kraal's success.  The beneficiaries of the Okongo Small Scall Commercial Farmers Cooperative highlighted the positive changes that the funds from the SGP brought. Indicating that after getting the fund and upgrading the infrastructure, they have seen a huge improvement in the sales in the cattle at the kraal and are happy about it. The kraal also benefits the members of the community through selling of their products during the auction.”

The Ndevahoma Auction Kraal continues to exemplify the transformative power of community-driven initiatives. With perseverance, support, and collaboration, they aim to overcome challenges, further expand their livestock operations, and contribute to the development and empowerment of their community. The UNDP continues to empower communities through the Global Environment Facility (GEF). 

Chairperson of the Okongo Small Scall Commercial Farmers Cooperative, Dineinge Sheya