​​Focus of the project is inspired by the recognition of Innovation as an essential driver of Montenegro socio-economic development that benefits consumers, businesses, and the society as a whole

Enhancing systemic support for innovations and MSMEs development Norway for You - Montenegro 


This project is designed to support the efforts of the Government of Montenegro to initiate transformation and diversification of its economy by enhancing the innovation ecosystem based on the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Montenegro (S3 Strategy) concept through institutional and administrative capacity building and digitalization of administrative procedures. 


The Project will assist the Government to: strengthen newly established Secretariat of the Innovation Council; the intervention will also focus on the reinforcing the institutional setting of the Innovation Fund and its capacities to integrate in its affirmative measures to assure inclusiveness and high standards in performance;   furthermore, the newly established Science and Technology Park of Montenegro will get support to improve the quality of its services to its tenants, with focus on empowerment of women-led companies; the National Technology Transfer Office  will be established, while monitoring and control of innovation policies implementation  will be enhanced through application of digital tools. Furthermore, integrated approach to assure strengthening of the innovation eco-system will simultaneously contribute to closing the gender gaps and empowering women in the economy and innovation.



Project Outcome

Since the aim of the project “Norway for you” is to improve the innovation ecosystem and strengthen institutions in charge of innovation development in Montenegro (MoSTD, Innovation Fund and STP, as the main beneficiaries), a set of activities is foreseen to support innovation and micro, small and medium enterprises sector, through capacity building of the national and local partners supporting this sector, as well as their better integration. 

Result 1: Smart specialization implementation framework strengthened and newly established Secretariat of the Innovation Council fully functional 

  • Establishment of the National Network for the implementation of the S3 Strategy

  • Support to the Council in all other activities: Preparation of a report on the implementation of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Smart Specialization Strategy (2019-2024), for the next period

  • Along with the development of the Operational Program for the Implementation of the Smart Specialization Strategy 2021-2024, it is necessary to define more adequate communication regarding the objectives and expected effects of the Strategy.

Result 2: Institutional setting of the innovation system improved and capacities for governing it strengthened 

  • Second workshop for members of the innovation community (Fund services) designed and implemented

  • New innovation program – “Smart start” to be designed and launched

Result 3: Capacities of the newly established Science and Technology Park of Montenegro (STP) strengthened for the provision of high-quality services for its tenants 

  • Development of the STP Montenegro Services (Including Supporting Documents) and Training of the STP Staff  

  • Feasibility study of the future NTP Laboratory Center  

Result 4: National Technology Transfer Office established in accordance with the scientific community capacities and market needs 

  • Consultations with MoSTD representatives and representatives of the University of Montenegro regarding structural organization and position of the TTO  

  • To conduct an analytical study to determine policy needs and gaps for effective technology transfer system (e.g. National IP policy, or IP policies at the institutional levels within universities and PROs) and to propose adequate TTO model, based on consultation process which includes relevant stakeholders (University of Montenegro and STP Montenegro), as well as the existing analysis and reports related to the TTO establishment and effective functioning. 

Result 5: Efficiency of administrative procedures for innovation and control of its effectiveness improved 

  • To upgrade the existing Innovation Fund IT platform with the new innovation programs envisaged to be developed and launched. 

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More than 60%

female consultants engaged by UNDP as experts in various fields related to the innovation system development

More than 50%

out of total number of employees of the Innovation Fund and the Science and Technology Park are women

Major achievements

  • Positive trends in the S3 implementation process have been identified, as well as significantly more active role of the Council for innovation and smart specialization (ISS Council). Following the Government reconstruction, a new Innovation ISS Council has been established and three sessions were held so far, resulting in the adoption of the Work Plan, aligned with the Government’s Priorities for 2022. According to the Council’s decision the innovation working groups (IWG) for each priority area identified by S3 Strategy have been established.  

  • In the previous reporting period, the focus was on establishing conditions for efficient functioning of the Innovation Fund of Montenegro (IF) and employment of the IF staff, as well as the design of important processes, programs and operations that will enable smooth operation of the Fund as a separate state-owned company. Two Innovation Fund instruments were launched (The Innovation Voucher Program and Collaborative Grant Scheme) intended to attract research community and Universities in Montenegro to intensively cooperate with the innovative MSMEs in the country.  

  • With the view of tracing the path of the forthcoming five-year period of Science Technology Park (STP) development, STP Strategic Plan has been drafted and it will be soon presented to the line Ministry, STP management and innovation community. In order to strengthen the administrative capacities of the STP, with a view to create better environment for the future STP tenants, three study visits were organized.  

  • The analytical study to determine policy needs and gaps for effective technology transfer system in the country, followed with recommendations regarding adequate Technology Transfer Office model, will be produced as to-go structure for the first TTO office in Montenegro, which will be established with the Project support.  

  • Important progress has been made in the communication and visibility of S3 ecosystem through development of a new S3 website and production of video testimonials of successful S3 stories - www.s3.me. However, further promotion is needed, and additional activities in this regard are planned from September 2022. 



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