UNDP is an important partner to the Government of Montenegro on the path to the EU

November 22, 2023


The Minister of European Affairs, Maida Gorčević, met with the UNDP Resident Representative in Montenegro, Ekaterina Paniklova.

Paniklova and Gorčević exchanged views on the ongoing collaboration between the Government of Montenegro and UNDP in fulfilling the requirements of the EU accession process and the Agenda 2030.

Minister Gorčević emphasized that UNDP is recognized as a crucial partner to the Government of Montenegro in implementing extensive reforms on the path to the EU.

“A significant number of successfully implemented joint projects and the invaluable expert support from our partners at UNDP over the past two decades, both in the field of European integration and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, have contributed to the democratic and overall development of Montenegrin society. We are pleased that in the upcoming period, we can continue to count on this support and work together to enhance quality of life for our citizens in accordance with the highest European and international standards”, Gorčević said.

She congratulated UNDP on organizing a series of events within the Gender Equality Talks as part of the campaign “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence”, which, as she noted, represents a special contribution to commemorating the 80 years of the women’s movement in Montenegro.

Paniklovaemphasized that Montenegro’s EU accession process has been a strong driver from the very beginning, not only for achieving Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, but also considering the complementarity of these two processes.

“In Montenegro, the synergy between Agenda 2030 and EU integration establishes a clear, shared objective: fostering sustainable development and enhancing quality of life for everyone, ensuring no one is left behind. UNDP’s mission is to assist Montenegro on this journey, and therefore, we will continue to provide expert support to the Government of Montenegro in crafting and implementing key policies that will ensure inclusive, gender-responsive, green economic development, as well as crucial reforms in public administration and the digital transformation process”, said Paniklova.

Reflecting on a series of events and discussions on gender equality initiated by UNDP, Paniklova reminded that working to advance women’s rights is a developmental issue, while achieving gender equality is a comprehensive and universal goal within the framework of the achievement of Agenda 2030 and EU accession process.