Advancing Agenda 2030: UNDP’s vision for strengthening SDGs

Deputy Regional Bureau Director for Europe and Central Asia, Nick Hartmann visits Montenegro

April 1, 2024


Throughout the past week, Nick Hartmann, the Deputy Regional Bureau Director for Europe and Central Asia at the UNDP, paid a visit to Montenegro, engaging in conversations with both the local UNDP staff and high-level government officials. This visit served as yet another testament to UNDP’s commitment to fostering impactful partnerships and driving sustainable development initiatives.

Mr. Hartmann conveyed a clear message during his visit: aligning Montenegro’s endeavours for EU accession with broader global objectives, such as the Agenda 2030 and the Western Balkan Growth Plan, is crucial for advancing progress towards sustainable development goals. He emphasized UNDP’s pivotal role in advocating for green and digital transformations within Montenegro’s administrative and economic spheres, alongside efforts to bolster social inclusion and human capital development. These discussions, held with officials and staff members, highlighted UNDP’s strategic vision and commitment to delivering development results in Montenegro and beyond.

Key topics addressed included the substantial progresses UNDP has supported worldwide in promoting social inclusion, human capital development, and fostering inclusive and sustainable growth. Mr. Hartmann reiterated UNDP’s steadfast commitment to supporting Montenegro’s journey towards EU accession by championing green and digital transformations within administration and the economy. Collaborative efforts between UNDP and Montenegro’s Government were also discussed, with an emphasis on shared objectives in enhancing economic competitiveness, attracting foreign investments, and elevating Montenegrin products on the international stage.

Furthermore, discussions delved into UNDP’s pivotal role in facilitating reform processes within public administration, particularly in digital transformation, with a specific focus on extending these advancements to the municipal level. Mr. Hartmann stressed the significance of ensuring that the benefits of digital transformation are felt across all levels of governance. He underscored the necessity of establishing institutions that are responsive to gender concerns and expressed UNDP’s readiness to further support implementation of gender equality standards across all aspects of institutional operations.

Mr. Hartmann’s visit served to reaffirm the organization’s steadfast commitment to fostering inclusive development, empowering local self-governments, and addressing regional disparities. Discussions provided invaluable insights into UNDP’s strategic approach and role in advancing sustainable development objectives within Montenegro and beyond.