$1.1 million to strengthen Forensic Center capacities

January 26, 2024


Minister of Internal Affairs Danilo Šaranović and the UNDP Resident Representative in Montenegro, Ekaterina Paniklova, have signed a $1.1 million continuation of a project aimed at enhancing the forensic capacities of the Police Administration for the prosecution of criminal activities related to firearms and explosives.

Minister Šaranović expressed gratitude to UNDP and its partners for the financial support that enabled the project's realization. The project’s initial phase, through numerous donations and specialized training, has already modernized the work of the Forensic Center.

“Thanks to the Western Balkans Small Arms and Light WeaponsControl Roadmap Multi-Partner Trust Fund, we have improved the precision and efficiency of forensic investigations, playing a crucial role in securing solid and undisputed evidence in criminal proceedings”, stated Minister Šaranović.

He emphasized satisfaction that the project’s continuation will elevate the work of the employees at the Forensic Center to an even higher level, positioning Montenegro as a country that meets international standards in the field of forensic investigations of explosives and explosive devices.

“We are committed to further fulfilling the goals outlined in the Roadmap, and in the face of modern security challenges, we will direct all capacities toward halting the uncontrolled spread of weapons, contributing to regional and global security”, highlighted Minister Šaranović.


UNDP Resident Representative in Montenegro, Ekaterina Paniklova, emphasized that over the past two years, the work of the Forensic Center has significantly improved. She reminded that through the project, specialized equipment worth $460,000 has been procured, the true value of which is reflected in its contribution to the safety of employees.

“We continue to support through a new project and significant financial contribution from the Western Balkans Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Control Roadmap Multi-Partner Trust Fund. UNDP remains committed to continuing the partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and working together to enhance the capacities of the Forensic Center and implement international standards”, said Paniklova.


The Chief of the Forensic Center, Sandra Kovačević, emphasized the multifaceted significance of the project.

“The results so far include the implementation of new technologies, setting high standards in the analysis of explosive materials, and improving the safety of employees in the center. For years, this center has confirmed its dedication to professional standards and, through accreditations, proves the competencies of the laboratory and the reliability of the results”, said Kovačević.

She added that with equal dedication, they will continue their work, contributing to the efficiency of police and judicial authorities and improving data exchange with international partner agencies.

The project is being implemented in collaboration with UNDP, with financial contribution from member states of the Western Balkans Small Arms and Light Weapons Control Roadmap Multi-Partner Trust Fund: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Norway, and with the EU support.