Sustainable Development Goals Reflected in the Local Development Agenda of Zavkhan aimag

March 30, 2022

A decisive approach to global challenges requires local action, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) explicitly acknowledge this. They even include a specific goal for local governments in the 2030 Agenda: SDG 11 concerning ‘Sustainable cities and communities’. Local governments are essential to achieve the SDGs, but the SDGs have also plenty to offer to local governments, as they provide a unique umbrella for integrated and inclusive development policies.

UNDP Mongolia’s ‘Supporting the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Mongolia’ project partnered with sub-national government offices in Mongolia to mainstream the SDGs in local development plans and support initiatives that contribute to SDGs achievement at local level. Within the framework of the 'Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals in Zavkhan aimag' initiative by Zavkhan aimag’s Governor’s Office and the UNDP Mongolia SDGs project, the 5-year Development guidelines for 2021-2025 of Zavkhan aimag (province) has been drafted and is being implemented in line with the 2030 Agenda and Mongolia's Vision 2050 long-term development policy.

UNDP supported capacity building of Zavkhan government staff engaged in drafting its mid- and short-term development policies in planning, reporting, and monitoring methods; as well as conducting situational analysis and assessing local comparative advantages in the drafting of local mid-term development programmes.

On 13-14 October 2021, an interactive training of trainers workshop on ‘support to enhancing development planning and monitoring in Zavkhan aimag’ was co-organized by UNDP and the aimag Governor’s Office for 32 local government staff and deputy governors of all 24 soums[1] of Zavkhan aimag. Participants of the workshop have since been divided into 5 teams to work in the 24 soums of the aimag to help integrate the SDGs within the development planning of the soums and determine the role of soums in the achievement of the aimag’s mid-term development plan to reflect in its targets and indicators.

Governor of Zavkhan aimag D.Tuvshinjargal expressed that there is a need to revise  the targets and indicators of the aimag’s mid-term development plan based on research and assessments. 

Local civil servants working for the Governor’s Office of Zavkhan aimag as well as local aimag agencies were trained on methods for development planning and monitoring. 

Participants of the workshop engage in a group activity

Certificates were handed over to local civil servants and deputy governors who successfully completed the 2-day workshop 

Civil servants and residents of Tes soum, Zavkhan aimag were informed on the objectives and expected results of Zavkhan aimag’s mid-term development plan. 

A sample monitoring and evaluation exercise was conducted in Bayantes soum of Zavkhan aimag by B.Vansemberuu, a participant of the workshop and a local government administration officer. 

R.Narantsetseg, an investment and development planning officer in Zavkhan aimag advised on improving the development plan of Bayankhairkhan soum of Zavkhan aimag. 

A meeting was held with local government staff of Santmargats soum of Zavkhan aimag

UNDP is proud to support local governments to become driving forces for change in Mongolia via the various local development policies and SDGs initiatives that have been implemented as part of the ‘Supporting the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Mongolia’ project. The SDGs project is confident that the local SDGs leaders trained in the workshop held in Zavkhan aimag will contribute to facilitating more integrated and inclusive development programming at not only sub-national level, but also national and global platforms.