UNDP’s “Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions” initiative commences at Mongolian Tax Administration

September 21, 2023

Launching of "The Gender Equality Seal at the Mongolian Tax Administration" project

UNDP Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar – 21 September 2023: UNDP’s “Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions” initiative commences at Mongolian Tax Administration (MTA) in partnership with the National Committee on Gender Equality, making MTA the first public institution in Mongolia to participate in this initiative. The Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions is a voluntary recognition program designed to support and acknowledge public institutions worldwide that are committed to enhancing gender equality and empowering women. 

Since its launch in 2021, the initiative has expanded its reach to 19 countries, including Mongolia, collaborating with over 83 public institutions. It provides a practical roadmap for translating institutional commitments into action, bridging the gap between organizational structure and tangible policy outcomes. Depending on the extent to which they adopt the Gender Equality Seal framework and achieve results, public institutions can attain a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Gender Equality Seal. 

UNDP’s EQUANOMICS initiative which is also launched today aims to make fiscal policies work for gender equality and mobilize financing for SDG 5 through tax administrations and fiscal governance, and this create a more inclusive and gender-responsive tax system. This reflects the readiness of the Tax Authority to look into the tax system and explore ways for stronger alignment of the fiscal policies with gender equality commitments. Mongolia is one of eight countries participating in this initiative, all working towards gender-responsive tax systems.

“Gender Equality Seal for Public Institutions” initiative plays a pivotal role in advancing Mongolia's efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly on gender equality and women's empowerment as well as peace, justice, and strong institutions.

During the launch meeting, Mr. Zayabal Batjargal, Commissioner of the Mongolian Tax Administration, stated "Democracy means equal participation. Equal participation does not only mean equal relations between the genders, but also equal participation in all social spheres including politics, culture, family and economy. Only then it is considered a full democracy. We aim to create equal participation in our institution within this frame" during the launch meeting. 

Under this initiative, the Mongolian Tax Administration will collaborate closely with UNDP and the National Committee on Gender Equality, working to enhance their performance across 20 standards and 40 benchmarks organized into five dimensions: gender equality in planning and management, organizational structure and capabilities, work environments, participation, partnership, and accountability, as well as the results and impact of public policies. 

Ms. Matilda Dimovska, UNDP Resident Representative in Mongolia, stated “I am pleased to see the enthusiasm and interest from key public institutions in Mongolia starting with the Mongolian Tax Administration to solidify the effort for improving gender equality in Mongolia. The initiative we launch today has great potential and I am confident that the result will compel other public institutions to join and contribute to Mongolia’s progress towards achieving gender equality” during the launch meeting. 


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Launching of "The Gender Equality Seal at the Mongolian Tax Administration" project

UNDP Mongolia