UNDP supports Mongolia’s long-term climate and development goals to achieve net-zero

April 2, 2024
UNDP Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, 2 April 2024 – UNDP’s “Climate Promise-2” project, funded by the Government of Germany, organized “From Commitment to Action: Mongolia’s Nationally Determined Contribution and Long-Term Low Emissions Development Strategy” workshop with development partners and key stakeholders across Mongolia’s 21 provinces. 

Focused on aligning Mongolia's short- and medium-term climate commitments with a forward-looking approach, the workshop underscored the importance of accelerating progress towards achieving Mongolia’s Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and developing a Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategy (LT-LEDS). LT-LEDS is a national strategy that requires Mongolia to transform economic activities radically, deeply and irreversibly across all sectors and levels of government to achieve low-emissions and climate-resilient development, and ensures steps are made towards its achievement through alignment with the NDCs.

The workshop convened various stakeholders, including sectoral ministries, local governments, civil society organizations, and experts, highlighting the importance of multi-stakeholder engagement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening climate resilience in Mongolia.

UNDP is supporting this crucial agenda by strengthening national capacities for both capacity building and project coordination and spearheading the development of a national carbon market framework and carbon registry system. These efforts are aimed to significantly accelerate the LT-LEDS development and implementation process.

UNDP Mongolia

Mr. Davaadalai Batsuuri, Economic Policy Advisor to the President of Mongolia, highlighted Mongolia's commitment to the global climate agenda, stating, “As a signatory to the Paris Agreement, Mongolia is preparing to submit the long-term climate strategy until 2050 towards to carbon neutrality, as stated by the President of Mongolia at the COP27.”

Mongolia’s dedication to combating climate change is further reflected in its ambitious NDC, targeting to mitigate a 22.7 percent reduction in national greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

UNDP Mongolia

UNDP’s Deputy Resident Representative in Mongolia Ms. Lin Cao highlighted the importance of collective efforts and alignment of planning processes of relevant ministries and departments with Mongolia's low-emission development strategy and stated “UNDP is well positioned to support Mongolia in this endeavor through our Climate Promise project which is supporting over 120 countries including Mongolia in reducing emissions and increasing climate resilience while leaving no one behind.” during her opening remarks. 

During the workshop, participants engaged in collaborative discussions to explore mitigation measures, adaptation actions, and planning and implementation strategies. By fostering dialogue and collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders, UNDP aims to accelerate progress towards the development and implementation of Mongolia’s LT-LEDS, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for all.


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