UNDP engages experts on the importance of clean energy for Mongolia

January 25, 2024
UNDP Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, 26 January 2024 – Today, UNDP in Mongolia hosted 'Experts' Roundtable Discussion' focusing on the theme “Clean Energy and its imperatives for Mongolia”. The discussion coincides with the new annual observance of ‘International Day of Clean Energy’ aimed at promoting Sustainable Development Goal 7 - the goal of universal access to sustainable and modern energy by 2030.

The roundtable brought together a diverse group of key actors in the energy sector, including government officials, development partners, civil society organizations, academia, researchers, and leaders from the private sector. The participants engaged in discussions about the current state of the energy sector, its challenges, and potential solutions, while also exploring synergies crucial for accelerating Mongolia's transition towards renewable energy.

UNDP Mongolia

Emphasizing the global consensus reached at COP28, the participants and experts stressed the need for shifting from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. This is particularly important for Mongolia, where over 90% of domestic electricity generation relies on coal. 

The Government of Mongolia has set targets in its State Policy on Energy 2015–2030, aiming for 20% of its installed capacity to be renewable by 2023 and 30% by 2030. Additionally, Mongolia is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 22.7% by 2030, with the energy sector contributing 44.78% of the total emissions as of 2020, as reported in Mongolia’s Second Biennial Update.

UNDP Mongolia

Matilda Dimovska, UNDP Resident Representative in Mongolia, highlighted the need for collective action to overcome these challenges. She stated, "Clean energy is not just an option but a necessity for a sustainable future, both globally and in Mongolia. The imperative of this transition extends beyond economic concerns; it is about addressing pressing health issues, diminishing energy dependency, and promoting sustainable development.”

Discussions also centered around crucial topics of financing and partnerships to boost Mongolia's clean energy sector through enhanced collaboration and increased role of private sector in driving progress. Roundtable was moderated by Ms. Bekhbayar Damdindorj, Editor-in-Chief of Mongolian Economy magazine, and attended by experts from the Ministry of Energy, Energy Regulatory Commission, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Business Council of Mongolia, Mongolian Renewable Industries Association, URECA, ADB Mongolia, Xac Bank, and Climate Change Research and Cooperation Centre. 

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