Mongolian political parties join the pledge for equal representation in decision-making

April 10, 2023

Mongolian political parties join the pledge for equal representation in decision-making

UNDP Mongolia

ULAANBAATAR, 10 April 2023:  10 Mongolian political parties signed the “POLITICAL PARTY PLEDGE FOR EQUAL REPRESENTATION IN DECISION-MAKING” during the International Forum“Pledge for equal representation in decision-making,” organized by UNDP’s 'Promoting gender equality in public decision-making and women's empowerment in Mongolia' project, funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA.) 

By signing the Pledge, political parties, as the key institutions responsible for strengthening Mongolia’s representative democracy, are demonstrating their commitment to support gender equality and ensure women’s participation and equal representation in decision-making thus fully acknowledging the fundamental rights of all citizens to participate and to represent. The pledge covers the following 8 areas:  

As the institution of representative democracy, the parties will work together with the lawmakers to:

  1. Support the maturation of political parties as policy institutions by increasing the transparency of political party financing, strengthening internal party democracy, setting accountability standards, and supporting gender equality, 

  2. Adopt an electoral system that promotes gender equality in decision-making along with the reforms to increase the candidacy quota, to reduce election campaign costs, and to ensure the equal representation and participation of diverse groups in decision-making processes, 

To become a political party that is gender-responsive with internal party democracy, they will:

  1. Strengthen internal democracy by reforming, implementing, and making transparent the party policies, bylaws, regulations, and initiatives in a gender-responsive manner and eliminating discrimination and harmful stereotypes and attitudes, 

  2. Ensure at least 40 percent representation of each gender at all decision-making levels in the party and make a concerted effort to include the representation of diverse groups, 

  3. Develop and implement programs to support the leadership of women party members,

  4. Ensure gender parity in election candidate nominations and political appointments and put in place financial support mechanisms to foster equal and fair competition, 

  5. Develop and implement policies and programs to prevent gender-based violence, 

  6. And collaborate with the public and non-government organizations to combat harmful gender stereotypes and to raise awareness on the importance of equal representation in decision-making.

Ms. Elaine Conkievich, UNDP Mongolia Resident Representative, emphasized the importance of concerted efforts and contribution from everyone to achieve gender-equality in decision-making in Mongolia and stated “Now is the time to take bold and decisive action to ensure that women, have an equal opportunity to participate in shaping the decisions that affect, not only women, but us all. Thus, I commend the leaders of the parties who signed the pledge, solidifying your commitment to take concrete action” during her opening remarks.  

Deputy Country Director of KOICA Mongolia office Ms. Jongrye Kang highlighted the importance of gender quotas in the legislation and stated “This is a crucial step towards ensuring that women's voices are heard, and their interests are represented in decision-making processes. I urge all participants to support the pledge and place more importance on the implementation of the measures which are vital for a fruitful outcome” during the forum. 


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