Mongolia becomes the fourth country in Asia-Pacific to adopt National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights

July 2, 2023
UNDP Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, 3 July 2023: Mongolia has achieved a major milestone by officially launching its National Action Plan on the protection of human rights and the prevention of abuses caused by business operations. This notable development positions Mongolia as the fourth country in the Asia-Pacific region to adopt such a comprehensive plan, underscoring its commitment to promoting responsible business conduct and upholding human rights and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

UNDP's B+HR Asia Programme, implemented in partnership with the European Union, provided substantial support to the development of the National Action Plan, under the leadership of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The National Baseline Study on Business and Human Rights, supported by the Programme, became a strong foundation that enabled an open and participatory consultative process, ensuring that the National Action Plan reflects the needs and aspirations of all Mongolians, leaving no one behind. 

“We recognize the vital importance of adopting an Action Plan on Business and Human Rights. This milestone not only showcases our commitment to protecting human rights but also will be crucial to creating an environment where growth and prosperity of the businesses and the nation thrive while respecting and protecting human rights of everyone” said Mr. Аnkhbayar Nyamdorj, State Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during his opening remarks. 

The National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights will be implemented from 2023 to 2027 and is designed to create a better legal framework, provide practical guidelines through a human rights’ due diligence tool, enhance stakeholder capacity, and strengthen access to remedy mechanisms. 

Aligned with UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the National Action Plan underscores three key principles including states’ duty to protect human rights in business operations, businesses’ responsibility to respect human rights, and both the government and private sector to provide remedies when violations occur. 

UNDP Mongolia

“The European Union has a strong interest to advance the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights worldwide; thus, Mongolia’s adoption and launch of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights is a highly commendable milestone that can play an instrumental role in improving the human rights protection in the country” said Mr. Marco Ferri, Deputy Head of Mission of the European Union Delegation to Mongolia. 

Ms. Elaine Conkievich, UNDP Resident Representative in Mongolia, applauded the Government of Mongolia’s strong national ownership and commitment in adopting the National Action Plan and said, “This is a very important first step for us but not the last one. Effective implementation of the Action Plan will be key to solidify and scale the impact that Mongolia can deliver for respecting human rights in businesses in Mongolia” and expressed UNDP’s readiness to support the implementation. 

"The adoption of the National Action Plan is vital for promoting and respecting human rights. We are very pleased to see Mongolia becoming the fourth country in the region to take this significant step, sending a strong message on the country’s commitment towards respecting human rights" said Mr. Sean Lees, Business and Human Rights Specialist, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub. 

Public and private sector representatives as well as civil society organizations and development partners participated in the launch event and explored potential partnerships and collaborations with relevant stakeholders to drive forward the implementation of the National Action Plan. 


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