The pizza restaurant that won over the hearts of the people of Cahul: the story of Veaceslav Duduș, an entrepreneur supported by the European Union and UNDP

January 10, 2023

Veaceslav Duduș, entrepreneur, set up an “appetising” business and opened branches in several localities in the Republic of Moldova. With over 15 years of experience in the HORECA sector, Veaceslav opened a restaurant in Cahul, as part of the “Augusto” network. Specialising in making pizza and other bakery products, “Augusto” has become one of the most loved places in the region.

To help the business grow, Veaceslav participated in the 2021 grants competition announced by the “EU4Moldova: Focal Region” programme, funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF. As a result, he received approximately €25,000 for the purchase of various equipment installed in the restaurant, warehouse, bakery, and semi-finished products production point.

Currently, “Augusto” is endowed with high-performance equipment: electric ovens, fryers, refrigerated display cabinets, sinks, etc.

The popularity of the place is on the rise, thanks to the special Italian-style pizza-making technology. Augusto’s pizza dough is made using a unique technology and the cheese and filling are provided by local producers.

Because the main spices for pizza are love and passion, the demand has increased, so now Veaceslav offers catering and delivery services. At least eight jobs were created since the grant was awarded and the employees are from rural areas.

Veaceslav Duduș opened his first bakery five years ago in Comrat. To start his business, Veaceslav invested more than €20,000. He received 80% of the required amount as a grant from the European Union through the “Support for agriculture and rural development in ATU Găgăuzia region and Taraclia district” Programme, implemented by UNDP. The European funds were used to purchase modern equipment and ovens, thanks to which Veaceslav put the first pastry products made using French technology on the local market. 

In the future, Veaceslav Duduș plans as well to organise cooking workshops for children from the Cahul region. The key to the success of “Augusto” is the high quality of service, the delicious food and the friendly vibes.