From gates to decoration products, Ion Caraja from Cahul gives iron a new life

November 23, 2023

Ion Caraja is an entrepreneur from Cahul who uses 3D technology in the production and processing of metal. In Ion Caraja's workshop, iron takes on a new life, being transformed into gates, fences, balustrades or other decorative iron products.

His business was founded in 2014, specializing in metal processing and providing services for ornate metal garments. Initially, Ion Caraja had two employees. Today, he has six.

In 2021, the entrepreneur benefited from a grant worth 30 thousand euros, granted by the "EU4Moldova: Focal Regions" programme, financed by the EU and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF.

With this money, a metal cutting machine was bought, which significantly increased productivity, so where previously it produced one product per day, now it manages to make up to ten products per day.

"To make beautiful, quality things and to increase productivity, this programme is needed. It is welcome in our region and in the Cahul district," notes Ion Caraja.

Ion Caraja is one of the 75 entrepreneurs from the Cahul and Ungheni regions who benefited from a grant worth 30,000 euros within the "EU4Moldova: Focal Regions" programme, implemented by UNDP and UNICEF.