"Crama Mircești", renown as the "Little Tuscany" of the Republic of Moldova

September 29, 2022

Anyone who visits "Crama Mircești" discovers the local winemaking traditions and the splendor of the mansion, known as the "Little Tuscany" of Moldova. "Crama Mircești" has become a tourist attraction for those who come to Ungheni. Arcadie Foșnea, an enthusiastic entrepreneur who was educated in the West, is the owner of the winery, which now exports the wine made in Mircești to Romania, Canada, China, and Japan.

The winery's vineyards cover 15 hectares, and the surface of the tourist complex covers 250 square meters. The winery has 13 hotel rooms for tourists wishing to escape to an oasis of relaxation.

To promote tourism in the region, the company benefited in 2021 from financial support worth €30,000 within the "EU4Moldova: Focal regions" programme, financed by the EU and implemented by UNDP and UNICEF.

The grant obtained, as well as the own contribution, was directed to equip eight hotel rooms with furniture, sanitary equipment, and air conditioners.

Also, equipment for the wastewater treatment plant and agricultural machinery for the vineyards were procured. As a result of the implementation of the investment project, at least five new jobs were created.

"Crama Mircești" is a local business, where almost 40 residents of the village of Mircești and neighboring towns work permanently or seasonally.

"Crama Mircești" is a local business that contributes to the development of the region and local tourism.

The “EU4Moldova: Focal regions” Programme (2019-2024) supports intelligent, inclusive and sustainable social-economic development in the regions of Cahul and Ungheni to ensure better standards of living to citizens. The programme has a total budget of €23 million, it is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).