Strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Justice of Moldova to deliver on the justice reform mandate

Duration:2023 – 2025
Donor:U.S. Government

Ministry of Justice, persons with disabilities, general public

Focus Area:Effective Governance, Justice & Human Rights
Partners:Ministry of Justice, Agency for Legal Informational Resources, IT and Cybersecurity Service, ABA ROLI Moldova, Alliance of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities
Project Document:Strengthening the capacities of the Ministry of Justice of Moldova to deliver on  the justice reform mandate
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Project Summary:

The project will support internal modernization efforts and will strengthen the institutional and operational capacities of the Ministry of Justice to deliver on its mandate and advance the justice sector reform.

The Ministry of Justice will be assisted to strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities to safeguard  data and information when communicating internally and externally with partners inside and outside the government, enhance the opportunities for engagement and collaboration with persons with disabilities by increasing the accessibility of the Ministry of Justice premises, as well as supporting the Ministry of Justice’s efforts in setting up efficient and comprehensive monitoring and coordination mechanisms for the justice sector strategy implementation. 


  • Cybersecurity capabilities at the Ministry of Justice headquarters enhanced;
  • Accessibility of persons with disabilities to the Ministry of Justice premises promoted;
  • Justice strategy implementation secretariat supported.   

Expected results:

  • Cybersecurity audit at the Ministry of Justice headquarter to assess the institution’s security program related to processes, technology and capacities and resources conducted;
  • Technology component of the Ministry of Justice’s cybersecurity framework enhanced by providing modern hardware and software applications synchronized with the findings and recommendations of the cybersecurity audit;
  • Ministry of Justice’s server room/data center premises upgraded to comply with relevant national security requirements;
  • Accessibility of the Ministry of Justice premises improved;
  • “User-safari” exercises engaging persons with disabilities, experts in accessibility and Ministry of Justice officials to co-create the most appropriate technical solution, adapted to the needs of the end users conducted;
  • The justice strategy implementation secretariat cell supported to enhance Ministry of Justice’s capacities to coordinate and monitor the justice sector reforms;
  • Capacity development on gender sensitive monitoring and evaluation and reporting to ensure a better integration of gender dimension throughout the justice strategy coordination and monitoring efforts provided.  


  • 'User-safari’ conducted to assess the accessibility of the Ministry of Justice building for people with locomotor disabilities, hearing and vision impairments; 
  • 58 Ministry of Justice staffers trained on gender sensitive monitoring and evaluation and reporting to support justice strategy implementation;
  • Justice strategy implementation secretariat cell established.
U.S. Government