Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (I-II)

[Closed] Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (I-II)

Status: Closed
Duration: 2009 – 2012
Budget: 3.7 million Euro provided by the European Union.
Focus Area: Inclusive Growth
Partners: Ministry of Reintegration, international NGOs active in the Transnistrian region etc.
Project Document: Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (I-II)
Final Report: phase 1, phase 2
See more information about the project on the transparency portal.

Project Summary:

The project aims to address the needs of Transnistrian communities including the security zone by increasing their access to basic social and economic services, as well as to objective and diversified sources of information. It promotes action at the local level through a community-based approach bringing together organizations from the Transnistrian region and the rest of Moldova to work on development opportunities of common interest.

The establishment of cross-river partnerships will be supported, creating parallel opportunities for stakeholders from both sides to interact, thereby promoting economic cooperation and contributing towards confidence building among the actors and the population at large. The project will support activities in the following areas: Business Development, Communities Empowerment and Civil Society Organizations.


  • Support initiatives and actions that foster development of civil society in the Transnistrian region responding to pressing community needs and helping citizens solve their problems through common work and participation;
  • Promote contacts between two sides of the Nistru River, improving the flow of information and increasing the information space;
  • Contribute to economic reintegration through promoting and supporting business advisory services and practices as well as their cross-river exchange;
  • Empower communities to implement and monitor development priorities as well as local actors to deliver services and upgrade the basic infrastructure.


  • Local based organizations supported in solving pressing community needs through common work and participation. Since, the majority of donor activities were focused in the big cities, this component of the project will target regions that were not receiving support;
  • Improved relationships between local authorities and civil society organizations (CSOs) and empowering local communities;
  • Increased access of the Transnistrian communities to basic social and economic services, as well as to objective and diversified sources of information;
  • Increased confidence and trust between citizens including improved contacts between business associations on both sides of the Nistru River;
  • Around 50 small and medium enterprises benefited from better business advisory services and improved management skills;
  • At least 9 small infrastructure projects carried out in the social and economic areas.

Public awareness:

  • Disseminate information and create public awareness about NGOs from Transnistria;
  • Promote civil society activities through press releases and conferences, interviews, participation in talk shows and public debates etc.;
  • Organize a public campaign to promote the initiatives of civil society from Transnistria.
  • Improve the flow of information and increase the information space between two sides of the Nistru River.