Building sustainable and inclusive peace, strengthening trust and social cohesion in Moldova

Duration:2022 – 2024
Budget:US$2,452,500 ($802,500 managed by UNDP)
Donor:United Nations Peacebuilding Fund 
Coverage:Both banks of Nistru river, as well as Center (Căușeni, Anenii Noi, Ștefan Vodă), North (Bălți), South (Comrat), security zone
Beneficiaries:Right-holders and duty bearers, media outlets, social media influencers, NGOs and think tanks on both banks of the Nistru river, with focus on the Transnistrian region
Focus Area:Effective Governance, Justice & Human Rights
Partners:Bureau for Reintegration Policies, Ministry of Justice, Ombudsperson’s Office, specialised CSOs from both bank of the Nistru river, etc.
Project Document:Building sustainable and inclusive peace, strengthening trust and social cohesion in Moldova
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Project Summary:

The project seeks to facilitate an enabling environment for improved cross-river interconnection between CSOs, communities, the Peoples’ Advocate and the focal point for human rights on the left bank of the Nistru river, reduced social tensions and the continuation of the fragile Transnistrian conflict settlement process in the context of growing regional and domestic geopolitical tensions exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. This will be done through the advancement of, and cross-river interaction on, human rights, gender-responsive peacebuilding and the promotion of equal access to services and through ensuring early intervention to prevent deepening divisions between the populations on either side of the conflict divide, which are currently being affected by highly divisive narratives, misinformation and hate speech.

The project is implemented by OHCHR, UN Women and UNDP.


The main goal of the project is to facilitate an enabling environment for improved cross-river interconnectedness and interaction, reduced social tensions and the continuation of the settlement process.

The project seeks to support peace talks by strengthening trust and confidence between the communities on the two sides of the river as well as between the Moldovan authorities and the de facto structures through capacity building, cross-river engagement and cooperation between CSOs, institutions, de facto structures and other conflict settlement process actors with a specific and ambitious focus on human rights, gender equality and increased service delivery. This will contribute to better integration of human rights and gender equality perspectives in the negotiation agenda and help build capacities to more effectively address human rights, women, peace and security and gender equality issues in the peace process.

The project also aims to reduce the existing divisions between the communities on the left and right bank as well as between certain groups in Moldovan society, which are being aggravated by starkly opposing views on the war in Ukraine, hate speech and misinformation and which are also impacted by pressures of the large influx of refugees from Ukraine.

Expected results:

  • Strengthened cross-river engagement and productive interaction through the advancement of human rights, the women, peace and security agenda and improved access to social services;

  • Strengthened responses to divisive narratives and misinformation, thereby reducing inter-community tensions.