UNDP launches a new digital innovation competition to improve labour and social protection in Moldova

December 20, 2022

In response to the ongoing energy and cost-of-living crises affecting citizens and residents of Moldova, UNDP launches a digital innovation competition, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

Digital solutions sought should:

  • develop new digital components and tools for the labour and social protection sector, in line with the upcoming National Digital Transformation Strategy;
  • enhance and improve the existing information systems in the labour and social protection sector (energy vulnerability system, day labourers' voucher system, social assistance system, the system of the National Employment Agency, the State Labour Inspectorate etc.).

Privately-owned entities working in the ICT, financial, and energy sector, or any other related sector, that have registered (or are in the process of registration) following the legislation of the Republic of Moldova are eligible to apply. Private entities may choose to partner with specialized associations, government agencies, local public administrations, schools, hospitals, universities, research institutions, etc.

The submissions will be evaluated and selected through a competitive process. The winning solutions will be funded by UNDP Moldova with an amount of up to US$40,000, but not more than 50 percent of the total value of the proposal. In the case of collaborative groups of companies, the contributions will be shared equally between the companies involved or according to the specific requirements of the submitted proposal.

Selected companies will work in close cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and with UNDP Moldova’s support to co-create and implement the digital solutions.

All proposals must be submitted by 14 March 2023, 16:00. More information about the competition is available here.

This innovation competition is carried in the framework of the “Accelerating digital transformation in the public sector in the Republic of Moldova” programme.

UNDP Moldova, as a strategic partner of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and of the National Employment Agency, provided support to the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the conceptualization and implementation of the Energy Vulnerability Reduction Fund through the digital platform http://www.compensatii.gov.md/. UNDP supports the development and testing of digital tools to help implementation of policies for improved employment, especially among the vulnerable, private sector and business development, business growth for innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities, and ensuring a relevant and quality lifelong learning.