UNDP launches an innovation competition for renewable energy solutions

November 10, 2022

UNDP launches an innovation competition for renewable energy solutions to support innovation for energy resilience, given the current energy crisis that the Republic of Moldova faces, which exacerbates existing vulnerabilities.

UNDP will fund through this competition renewable energy solutions, boosting partnerships with potential private and public investors. It will focus on scalable solutions with high potential to produce sustainable results and create conditions for faster recovery and increased resilience.

Privately-owned entities working in the ICT, financial, and energy sector, or any other related sector, that have registered (or are in the process of registration) following the legislation of the Republic of Moldova are eligible to apply. Private entities may choose to partner with specialized associations, government agencies, local public administrations, schools, hospitals, universities, research institutions, etc.

The submissions will be evaluated and selected through a competitive process. The winning solutions will be funded by UNDP Moldova with an amount of up to US$40,000, but not more than 50 percent of the total value of the proposal. In the case of collaborative groups of companies, the contributions will be shared equally between the companies involved or according to the specific requirements of the submitted proposal.

Best solutions proposed under this challenge might be featured in the Digital X Catalogue/Digital Public Goods Registry and adopted by other countries and communities. 

All proposals must be submitted by 7 December 2022, 16:00. More information about the competition is available here.

This innovation competition is carried in the framework of the “Accelerating digital transformation in the public sector in the Republic of Moldova” programme.