UNDP and Swiss Government support entrepreneurs and employees in three micro-regions

April 19, 2024

Setting up micro-cluster Herbafruct, 17 October 2023

300 beneficiaries from three beneficiary micro-regions of the UNDP project "Resilient and inclusive markets in Moldova" will receive support from Switzerland to strengthen economic activities, workforce qualification, job creation, and maintenance, as well as the economic reintegration of returned migrants.

Thus, on 19 April 2024, a call for proposals was launched, to which individuals and legal entities from beneficiary communities can submit applications. The budget allocated for the call is 6.4 million lei. Proposals can be submitted until 15 July 2024, and will be analyzed on a first-come, first-served basis, until the available budget will be used. 

Support will be provided to beneficiaries from 3 micro-clusters, created and developed with the support of UNDP and Switzerland:

  • Sheep and goat breeding in the Cimișlia-Basarabeasca micro-region - the "Cimișlia-Basarabeasca" micro-cluster;
  • Cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants in the Nisporeni-Ungheni-Strășeni-Hîncești micro-region - the "Herbafruct" micro-cluster;
  • Rural tourism in the Dubăsari-Criuleni micro-region - the "Heart of the Nistru" micro-cluster.

Applications can be submitted under the following categories:

  1. Technical strengthening of economic activity
  2. Legal formalization of existing economic activity
  3. Initiation of economic activity by returned migrants
  4. Validation of professional skills for returned migrants
  5. Enhancement of employees' qualifications
  6. Professional training for employees or individuals intending to be employed

Selected entrepreneurs will benefit from services and/or equipment aimed at enhancing the technical capacity of enterprises, increasing workforce qualifications, stimulating job creation and maintenance, as well as the economic reintegration of returned migrants. Employees will be able to register their businesses and validate their non-formal and informal skills, obtaining nationally recognized certificates.

The competition conditions, eligibility criteria, and other details about the application process can be accessed here.

The project "Resilient and inclusive markets in Moldova" aims to increase local economic development and resilience in communities by supporting local entrepreneurship, increasing investments, and creating decent jobs for locals, especially youth, women, persons with disabilities, returned migrants, and refugees.