Ukrainian students and teachers will learn online coding, thanks to a platform expanded with UNDP Moldova support

September 30, 2022
Refugee children from Ukraine during activities at the Center for Children and Youth in Budești village, a UNDP partner community

As part of a grant to accelerate digital transformation in the Republic of Moldova, an online platform to learn coding will be expanded with UNDP Moldova’s support and made available to Ukrainian students and teachers. Present in Moldova, Romania, and Estonia, Bloombrain company was awarded a US$36,698 grant to enhance its Bloomcoding portal.

The company will develop a curriculum of twelve classes in Ukrainian, which teachers trained by Bloombrain can replicate or adapt to teach Ukrainian students in their native language on the platform. The solution is designed in such a way that non-technical people can learn and replicate it easily.

The classes will be aimed at children aged nine to sixteen years old. It will be implemented across Moldova, Romania, and Poland which are the countries hosting the largest number of Ukrainian refugees so far. 

“From the very beginning we promised ourselves that every year we would do a major project with social impact in education. Given the urgency of the Ukrainian crisis, how personal it is, we decided to focus on this. We estimate that more than 1,000 students and 150 teachers will benefit from the platform,” said Emil Chichioi, Bloombrain’s CEO.

“We want to change the way a student or a teacher thinks about a career in the IT field. This course will help them acquire tech skills, but its main goal is to help them feel good about themselves and their future,” he added.

The grant was offered by UNDP as part of the “Accelerating digital transformation in the public sector in the Republic of Moldova” programme.